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Feb. 1st, 2008

yuri pleskun


Group stage is over

Hello! I am a terrible mod. But now that the group games are over (and not entirely covered by this comm) let's have a short little table roundup.

In Group A, Ghana ended first with 9 points, Guinea is next with 4, Morocco has 3 while Namibia has 1.

In Group B, the Ivory Coast finished with 9 points, Nigeria has 4 points with a goal difference of +1, Mali has 4 points with a goal difference of -2, and Benin has 0 points.

In Group C, Egypt managed 7 points, Cameroon 6, Zambia 4 while Sudan had 0.

In Group D, Tunisia and Angola both qualified with 5 points and a goal difference of +2. Tunisia goes first as they have scored 5 goals as opposed to Angola's 4, and Senegal and South Africa both have to go with 2 points each.

The full tables are here.

And so the quarter finals are as follows:

On Sunday, 03 February 2008, we have Ghana v Nigeria at 17:00 (QF1), and Ivory Coast v Guinea at 20:30 (QF2).

On Monday, 04 February 2008, we have Egypt v Angola at 17:00 (QF3) and Tunisia v Cameroon at 20:30 (QF4).

The winner of QF1 will go up against the winner of QF4, and the winner of QF2 will go up against the winner of QF3 in the semis.

So the possible combinations would be:

Ghana or Nigeria vs Tunisia or Cameroon

Ivory Coast or Guinea vs Egypt or Angola

So which two teams do you think will make it to the final on the 10th of February?

Jan. 22nd, 2008

yuri pleskun



A bit late, but here's a roundup of the results so far:

Group A
Ghana 2-1 Guinea
Namibia 1-5 Morocco

Group B
Ivory Coast 1-0 Nigeria
Mali 1-0 Benin

Group C matches to be played today:

Egypt v Cameroon, 17:00
Sudan v Zambia, 19:30

Times in GMT, if I'm not wrong. :)

Jan. 19th, 2008



Articles from the Guardian!

The ACN had a section in today's Fiver! Ahaha.

Read more...Collapse )

And the Guardian selects six best players to come out of Africa.

Jan. 17th, 2008



Toure and Eboue watch

There is an Article on Arsenal.com about the fixtures involving those two.
nevermind didn't see the date change.

Also interview with the African football correspondent for BBC about the ACN here.

Jan. 18th, 2008

yuri pleskun



The Guardian's preview of Group D is up!

Unlike, say, most gatherings of football journalists, this is a well balanced group. Any two teams could progress. Ominously for the hosts of the 2010 World Cup, South Africa look the least likely to do so.

Prediction: 1. Senegal, 2. Angola, 3. Tunisia, 4. South Africa

And from the BBC, the 2010 ACN will start 10 days earlier as a concession to European clubs, though it wouldn't make much difference to the leagues without a winter break.

Jan. 17th, 2008

yuri pleskun


First post

Here's a rushed out sort of intro post to get it started.

Which team has the best nickname? (The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon won this one!)

Which nation has the best flag?

The BBC's preview

The Guardian previews the groups!

Group A

On 11 previous occasions the competition has been won by the home nation, including two of the three times Ghana has hosted it. More than the raucous support, however, the Black Stars' most valuable asset is a lavishly gifted squad. Their defence is decent and strikers efficient, but their prime marvel is their midfield.

Prediction: 1. Ghana, 2. Morocco, 3. Guinea, 4. Namibia.

Group B

Poor old Benin. For only the second time in their history the Squirrels scramble into the finals and what happens? They get thrown to the lions - or, to be more precise, to the Elephants and Eagles. They will surely be ravaged. Which isn't to say Benin are dross, simply that the three other teams are among the most fearsome on the continent, bristling with power and pace and, most of all, some of the planet's most deadly strikers.

Prediction: 1. Ivory Coast, 2. Mali, 3. Nigeria, 4. Benin

Group C

Holders Egypt made ridiculously hard work of an elementary qualifying group and, as often, struggled on their travels. [...] As ever, Cameroon's game will be more about physicality than creativity. Because of their power, Cameroon are the side least likely to be upset by Sudan, whose physical approach forms part of the explanation for their surprising progress to the top of a qualifying group featuring Tunisia, who were beaten 3-2 in Khartoum. [...] Though Egypt manager Hassan Shehata has warned that Sudan have the quality not just to shock a complacent group opponent but actually lift the trophy, the fact that they lost 2-0 to a second-string Nigeria side before being routed 6-0 by Guinea last week suggests he was just being nice.

Prediction: 1. Cameroon, 2. Egypt, 3. Zambia, 4. Sudan

Group D (out tomorrow)!

Meanwhile, there is much turmoil surrounding the television coverage of the ACN. In Zambia, the ACN will not be broadcast as they were unable to meet the sum demanded by the rights holders. Nigeria are facing a similar problem.

A link to the BBC's coverage of the ACN.

Let's try to keep the updates flowing!

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